Emergency & Management Solutions

What We Do

Emergency and Crisis Management

Optimum will help businesses identify important objectives and planning to any crisis management situation, while offering a broad range of solutions from emergency response, planning & preparedness.

Facility and Energy Management

Assist all facility owners and tenants realize the potential of increased profitability though reduce utility and maintenance expenses, as well as encouraging environmental stewardship through reduce energy consumption.

COVID-19 Testing and Consulting

Optimum Consulting can help you remain #CalmThruCrisis and prepare for the future by providing a variety of services. Click on the title to learn more! We are here for businesses and non-profits alike. 

Who We Serve


School Districts

College & University Campuses

Local & County Municipalities

Local Government 


Nonprofit Consultants

Human Service Organizations

Disaster Support Organizations


Adult Daycares


Group Homes


Small and Medium Business


Property Management Companies

Private Education